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e “Saint Tropez”

The number one prototype was finished early in 1989 on the base of a black 1979 Esprit S2 and sold soon after appearance at the World Supercar Test Day in Castle Combe in the same year.

Painted in pearlescent white. Wheelarches front and aft are widened, alloys are three piece Compomotives. Only rear diffuser and rear spoiler with integrated lights are adapted from a Turbo body-kit.

This St Tropez Esprit was exported to the continent in the mid 90´s. After an accident, the roadster reportedly received a new chassis and some professional body repair work. It looks like this beauty is still hiding somewhere as an unfinished restoration project.

For further information about the conversion on this car look in the online available article and check the publication list at the home page.

Many thanks to a member of a lotus forum
who found some pictures you can find here:

No 1 in great condition frontside picture

No 1 side rear view

Not Driving

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