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e “Saint Tropez”

Some Red Saint Tropez

Ex-possessor of this 1982 S3 NA (sometimes with wing) donated two pictures, last two pics thanks to Ian! Only side skirts and rear spoiler and lights are taken over from the Turbo body-kit. Wheelarches front and aft are widened, alloys are S3 Esprit standard BBS. Interior two-tone leather.

Last sighting at a Lotus meeting, follow picture link.

The Latter Ones

St Tropez Roadster 1 The White 2 The Blue 3 The Yellow The Latter Contact Disclaimer

The Blue with Wing

A 1987 S3 hc (high compression) / na (normally aspirated)  model with the BBS alloys and the rear diffuser and rear spoiler with integrated lights adapted from a Turbo body-kit. Unfortunately for the style of this St Tropez, the door window frames were kept but could be chopped easily. Front wings stayed standard, rears were widened. Color is Mediterranean Blue.
Grey half leather interior, seats having an adjustable backrest as typical for the 1987 models.

Pictures of this Saint Tropez are courtesy of a former owner.

They were claimed to be finished by Esprit Developments, as Mark Irwin had taken over the moulds, drawings and rights for the St Tropez conversion from PBB after his own yellow St. Tropez was finished from them in 1991.

A blue and some red St Tropez appeared over the years in UK and probably are still there.

Would be great if more pictures from these Esprits can be added here, anybody?

Picture below with three St Tropez together. Castle Combe in the mid 90´s, thanks Ian!

Turbo Look

These pictures are courtesy of a good bloke who has seen the website and wanted to complement the picture collection which can be found here. It is of a 1985 S3 Esprit with full TurboEsprit body-kit, only rear spoiler and lights are S3 NA. Wheelarches front and aft are widened, alloys are period Esprit standard BBS. Elise style tank fillers implemented here are a good fit. Temporary dust cover fitted above the engine venting louvres. Black full leather interior.

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