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On the Road

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Always a lot of fun if you take it easy.

Great car park at top of hillclimb.

Probably the highest Lotus concentration on the continent every year during the event.

Hanging Out

Zero fault area. Beam barrier gives only illusory safety

Being the youngest in a row of other cars is seldom as an early 80´s.

The Esprit looks large in comparison to the Europas and the Elan

A slow downhiller in the rain with the Elise pack in the neck

Two right hand driven Lotus meets in Germany.
The valuable moonstone white Elite is heading back home after 10+ years abroad via the Netherlands to a dealer in the UK who knows this St Tropez also quite well.
Small world!

Ahhhhhh, this 111S Elise, what a design!

Like the color of the Alpine!

Classic car park at Salzburgring oldtimer racing day.

The second St Tropez finalized in light blue metallic was ready in spring 1990 for the promotion session PBB got started then. The roadster was appearing in a couple of publications in early nineties car magazines and Esprit books and the PBB “St Tropez Spyder conversion” sales brochure.

It was made out of a 1983 TurboEsprit S3 with an hc engine fitted. Wheelarches front and aft are widened. Five spoke three piece Compomotive rims in 7x16” and 10x16” with wider rubbers give the car a unique feature. Rim design was adapted from the Ferrari 308.

Paul Bailey owned the convertible a couple of years himself before he sold it to an enthusiast, who took care for a very long time. The car left UK as nobody there picked up the opportunity while this rare beast was up for sale on a Club Lotus Meeting in Donington Park.

For further information about this car have a look in the online available articles (scroll down for two of them) and check the publication list at the home page.

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Old pictures found in the internet by some nice Lotus chaps. Thank you!

PBB No 2 view from rear side

Oh these fashion and haircuts of the early 90´s

The 111R in comparison: The kick at 6250 rpm is so much different to the constant turbo power.

Great location in September for the monthly Lotus + Speedster area meeting,

half an hour drive away from home, just in time for a sunset photo.

Pics 1991-93

Thanks to a Jag fan who digged out this picture.

Shown is the launch day of the “Monaco” XJS conversion at the PBB premises with the St Tropez in the background.

New Adventures

Now after exploring the Alps, it is time for new adventures.

Went on a long journey and arrived safely in the new home to meet other Lotus buddies and new owner who will take care of upcoming necessities and drive more often.